pot pourri

(OctPoWriMo Prompt for October 8th:  Scent, smell)


when I walked into the shop
full of retro toys and candy
cards and memorabilia
I was hit with the smell
of pot pourri
dried flowers
I stopped in the doorway
as an old dusty pain
like a war wound
as I was bathed
in the aroma
of old things
my eyes stung
and teared
while 36 years fell away
in a moment
as if time isn’t real at all
I heard you giggle
I could feel your thin
artist hands
take hold of my arm
inviting me out
of myself
to play
there was music
and singing
in a place that was safe
your home a retreat
from the rest of the world
the rest of my life
my forehead tickled
as you moved
a lock of my hair
from my face
seemingly delighted
in what you saw
such simplicity
and love
oh my god
someone bumped
into me
and suddenly
you weren’t there

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